Heather's story is not just about another cancer victim, but rather of one of tremendous inner strength and determination. Her desire was to not be recognized as a woman with breast cancer but to be recognized as a mother, wife, friend, daughter, sister, and teacher. Though she was timid in her own way, her selfless presence would overwhelm a crowded room, her spirit and humor would uplift the saddest of times, and her stunning appearance would captivate your attention.

Shortly after giving birth to her youngest son, Heather was diagnosed with a rare type of sub-breast cancer called triple negative. Triple negative victimizes primarily younger women…..only 10-20% of breast cancer victims are diagnosed with this sub type. Extensive treatments, radiation, and surgeries were attempted to prolong her life, but sadly March 8th, 2010, after fighting like a true champion, through tremendous pain and discomfort, she lost her fight to cancer.

For those she left behind, life will never be the same. However; fortunately, she left wonderful stories to be told, and lots of laughter to be shared. Those she encountered over the years all hold onto special memories each shared with her. She did in fact leave three beautiful legacies…..that will one day be captivated by all the stories and memories of their mother. They will see through their adult eyes as well, the love she had for them and the impact she made on the lives around them.

Although Heather may not be here with us today, we want to share her spirit of selflessness and love for families and bless other families going through a similar situation. Through all the pain, discomfort and hardships that are brought on by this horrible disease, we want to share a bit of hope through Heathers story. Amongst the pain, she always had a smile upon her face…… Have courage, be strong, and strive for one more day!